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hello anyone interested

2009-04-17 11:34:47 by lolghurt

if you are intending on flaming the crap out of me:
1 - i use flash 8
2 - make your own submissions first
3 - get a life; you must be very sad to flame me
4 - i don't really give a shit about your insults
5 - be more creative than this

hello anyone interested

Noticing a trend here

2008-06-10 02:54:55 by lolghurt

Every time I submit stuff, I find a few comments.

1) I dont check my stuff, leave a comment here about improvements (plz include the name)
2) Leave any insults on the "insult" post. the first comment is insulting, so the rest can be too.


2008-05-20 09:26:52 by lolghurt

what game type/theme should my next game be? I dont know what to do in it. if its an aiming shooter, I cant make it yet.


2007-11-21 04:13:46 by lolghurt

I need ideas for the maze game!